Monday, October 26, 2009

A Week With Family

Last week I was in Duluth taking part in the busy lives of B, W, E, and M. We wore raincoats and slopped though the mud when we went out - in mostly cold rain or drizzle - but it didn’t stop us.

Miss M’s class (see photo) shot off homemade rockets at school and B & I were there to watch hers (made with pink and purple duct tape) launch.

I shopped for a variety of items I can’t get at home and also with B & the kids for everything from groceries and clothing to plumbing supplies.

We sampled a fun variety of foods throughout the week. In the “eating out” category, W. and I tried a spicy pumpkin soup with our sandwiches at the Red Mug coffee shop just over the bridge in Superior, Wisconsin. B. & I tried and liked the China Star restaurant in Hermantown – talk about fast food! (And it was a dine-in place.) We brought home V.I.P. wholewheat crust pizzas (very good). I also had a subpar lunch at the West Duluth Grandma’s, but the company (Bonnie D.) more than made up for the quality of the food. At home our more exotic meals included ruffed grouse with wild rice and a breakfast of venison sausage with waffles and eggs prepared by W & E. The venison sausage, which came from W’s younger brother, was lean and very tasty. Dan F. gave us the fresh grouse and wild rice. I prepared it by stuffing the breasts with apples, then wrapping them with bacon.

No rock hunting, photo shoots, or knitting this trip, but we did get in a game of Bananagrams before W had to leave for the cities Wednesday evening. Both W and B had classes in the cities, which was the main reason I was there. The time flew by. It was a nice change of pace to temporarily be part of a family and their very full schedule.

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