Saturday, June 07, 2014

Made it to Thirteen

The Kaz at 13
Today, June 7th, is Kasper’s birthday. Born in 2001 he is now thirteen years old. He isn’t doing so well. The last half year has been rough for the two of us as he became sick last November and was diagnosed with diabetes, which is common to his breed. The first couple of months trying to get the insulin dose right was difficult, but eventually we found the balance point - except that any change in routine can still cause problems. This past month and a half has been the hardest as he has developed separation anxiety and become paranoid about being crated. These most recent behaviors are age related and probably signs that there are more health issues going on; quality of life is deteriorating for him. He still enjoys walks, though they are much shorter. He still occasionally takes off racing around the tables in his figure eight route, but the race is slower and shorter in duration. He still loves people and is as sociable as ever, but often because of hearing loss and dimmer eyesight he isn’t aware anyone is near so his overenthusiastic bursts of joy in greeting them have become more subdued. He sleeps more during the day, but is often restless at night. I make adjustments daily to try to ease his anxiety and meet his needs and I don’t suppose he will be with me much longer.
How grateful I am for the good years we’ve had together. My faithful companion through the worst of times, he’s been there to make me smile and to help keep me going.
❤ Happy Birthday, Kasper. ❤


June 7, 2001 -  June 23, 2014