Monday, October 24, 2005

The rest of the story...

I am reprinting the following from our son's website and invite you to write your own thoughts or comments if you would like to.

"... I wanted to share something very important:

The media recently covered the story of my Dad’s accident. They tried to tell it from the typical ‘unbiased’ perspective that they are charged with. However, ratings are always a factor in such reports and I wanted to clarify some things for my close friends as I know all of you have been reading as much as you can to find out.

Yesterday, Channel 3 in Duluth, gave a news report and showed pictures of the boat that had been crippled and crushed against the shores of Superior. They prefaced the newscast by saying “Both the Kooyer Family and the Coast Guard want to inform more people of boat safety” or something very close to that. In the articles and on the broadcast the Coast Guard blames the fact that they were unable to rescue my Dad on the fact that “they had no location” and he could have been anywhere in from Bayfield to some other end of Superior. Here are some additional details that the media left out:
1. When my Dad called he originally called on channel 16. This is the standard procedure when calling in a Mayday.

2. He informed them he had about 5 minutes before his boat hit the rocks. Before he could get more out, they asked him to switch to a different channel. We think “22″. The Coast Guard then “lost contact”.

3. When they recovered the boat and investigated they found it on channel 24. Now realize that these were four foot waves.

4. The radio is located below the steering wheel and in the short time he had to react any number of things could have occurred while the boat was pitching left to right. He knew he was in trouble.

5. He grabbed all of his belongings including his wallet, keys and even his iPod and attempted to get on shore.

6. He made it to shore and was alive and well and OFF of the boat. No thanks to the Coast Guard.

7. He tried to save the damn boat. This is what ultimately caused his death.

The thing that has bothered all of us though is this: The Coast Guard gracefully dodged addressing their policy on camera or in print. They didn’t even mention that they asked him to change channels and lost contact. If they had spent 15 seconds with him on channel 16 and simply asked his location before telling him to switch over he would STILL BE ALIVE.

I know this may read as a very frustrated and saddened young man mourning for his Dad. All of that is true. We’re not blaming the Coast Guard for their mistakes. We simply believe their policy is flawed.

I needed to do that for me, my brother, my mom and all of my family who believe that in order to invoke change you have to speak out. Brian and I called the television station today. We spoke to Maureen the head of the Newsroom there and she offered to interview us and give us the chance to tell it from our perspective and to tell them of the communication flaw in the Coast Guard’s current procedure. We were to go at 2pm. We decided that my Dad would just tell us to “let it go”–and that the media might make it worse.

Thanks again to everyone for sending us your love and support.

Adam K."

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October Begins - 1, 2, 3.

The very first day of October had us in the cities for a rehearsal gathering at Adam and Heather's place. The practice was moved to the basement from the back yard because as the sun went down a bunch of mosquitoes moved in. It was fun to get together and meet the people in the wedding party. We are all looking forward to the big event next Saturday evening.

The second day in October marked our 34th wedding anniversary. It was a day for taking it easy... we went to church, took an afternoon drive to view the fall colors, and had a nice dinner out.

On the third day of October B,W,E,&M brought home their new Cocker Spaniel puppy, Max, (Turbo Max?). That means we have a"grandpuppy," right? We went to their house to meet him last night and shared a delicious meal at the same time. Kasper hasn't met him, yet, but we hope they will be friends.

Isn't he cute?

Such a sweet baby... he's got those 'Huntley' eyes.

September Has Gone

We started September at the cabin...

Brian, Wendy, Evan, and Maya came for Labor Day Weekend.
Fishing, building sandcastles, and an afternoon at Itasca State Park were the highlights. The weekend ended with all of us packing up and taking the long way back to Duluth, stopping for lunch at Poncho & Lefty's in Brainerd.

My birthday gift from B,W,E,&M is a class that Wendy and I are taking together at Yarn Harbor where we are learning to make a Christmas sock. By making this sock we are learning how to knit in color patterns or Fair Isle knitting. This photo shows my start. That is a row of snowmen in the section I'm currently working on. There are only three sessions, but they are quite spread out, so we will finish this project at the end of October. Knitting with more than one color is fun and interesting to do.

While in Duluth we were able to see soccer games for both Evan and Maya and we attended 'Breakfast and a Book' with Maya at her school. I went through piles of old photos and slides in order to separate a bunch for Adam.
We've spent more time away from the cabin than we expected to, but have thereby been able to get ready for the wedding. After Labor Day the weather was wonderful -- an especially nice September.

Glenn has enjoyed showing his car and won a couple of nice awards. Ask him about them when you see him. You may want to get a tee-shirt from Gordy's in Cloquet next summer because his car will be featured on them.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Where Did August Go??

I nearly missed August completely for making a blog entry. It was a busy month with all sorts of fun which included golf. After one afternoon of eighteen holes at Blueberry Pines, however, I have been happy to stick to the nine hole par 3 courses. At Blueberry, Ann Tague and I rented a cart and the new GPS system proved nervewracking. There's nothing like a computer screen yelling at you while you're trying to relax during your golf game.... "Move back to the cart path", "You are 31 minutes behind pace", Etc. By the last couple of holes - flashing hamburgers appeared with, "Press any button now to have your order ready for you at the clubhouse." I think I'll be walking that course from now on.
I took this photo on the 6th hole at Evergreen golf course. Glenn and I golfed with Dave and Carol P. that day and a doe and fawn at this hole weren't the least bit frightened by us. They moved a short distance into the woods and munched away, watching as we hit our tee shots.

We (CC, Glenn, and I) rode our bikes to Dorset (exactly 10 miles from the cabin) to eat at Companero's. It was hard work getting there against a strong NNW wind, but the ride home was pretty easy and the food was worth the effort. There is a new restaurant over that way at the old Chateau Paulette location called Zorba'z. We've enjoyed pizza there a couple of times this season. Those Dorset restaurants are all good. My aunt, Shirley, and I enjoyed eating at the Dorset House on our way from Duluth to Park Rapids. Later in her stay with us when my uncle, Bob, was also visiting we had excellent Italian fare at La Pasta. The photo below is of Shirley, our waitress, and Bob.

This month the Kooyer brothers & sisters had a little family gathering in Bemidji. Some of them camped and some stayed in hotel rooms, but Glenn and I just made a day trip over there for a Saturday afternoon. We enjoyed Dave's Pizzas with all of them before we drove home. Betty and Jim spent Sunday afternoon at our place. We fished from the dock, but the fish weren't biting that day. Later that week, however, I caught a pound and a half bass and two half pound sunnies off the dock. Those are the biggest sunfish I've ever caught! Shirley, Bob, Glenn, and I had fish & eggs for breakfast the next morning. Mmmm.

These next photos are of the Bemidji gathering.
The women's table,

the men's table, and...

a cute one of Dorothy and Jim.

Another August highlight was the side trip that Shirley and I made on our way from Duluth to the cabin. We traveled the "Iron Trail" stopping in Virginia, Hibbing, and at Hill Annex Mine State Park by Calumet.

August also was nice for cookouts, campfires, stargazing, and seeing the full moon rise over the lake. There were games of cribbage and yahtzee, crossword puzzles, books to read, old movies on DVD (with Barry Fitzgerald in them) and my sweater knitting has come along nicely. There was a big (and happy) surprise earlier in the month when I attended a fancy "tea" given by LuAnne. It turned out to be more than a tea party; it was a birthday party! - for me! - a month early! It's good to celebrate often and over extended periods of time. We have two (actual) August birthdays to celebrate as the month comes to an end - Anne's (the 24th) and Adam's (the 28th).

Our most recent guests, Bill and Linda, just left a couple of hours ago. Bill and Glenn framed up the garage on one side. They did a great job.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


I thought I'd try another post to checkout how uploading photos works. My new winter wool clogs came today and as you can see I finished knitting my colorful socks this week, too. I'm content to wait a long time to wear these, because I sure don't want summer to end yet.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

First Ever

Welcome to my website? - weblog - blog.

The weather is gloomy at the lake today and so I'm taking time to try to figure out blogging. (Thanks to Heather for mentioning this site.)
Not being very well prepared, this first entry is very short and uninformative. I'll be back.