Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October Begins - 1, 2, 3.

The very first day of October had us in the cities for a rehearsal gathering at Adam and Heather's place. The practice was moved to the basement from the back yard because as the sun went down a bunch of mosquitoes moved in. It was fun to get together and meet the people in the wedding party. We are all looking forward to the big event next Saturday evening.

The second day in October marked our 34th wedding anniversary. It was a day for taking it easy... we went to church, took an afternoon drive to view the fall colors, and had a nice dinner out.

On the third day of October B,W,E,&M brought home their new Cocker Spaniel puppy, Max, (Turbo Max?). That means we have a"grandpuppy," right? We went to their house to meet him last night and shared a delicious meal at the same time. Kasper hasn't met him, yet, but we hope they will be friends.

Isn't he cute?

Such a sweet baby... he's got those 'Huntley' eyes.

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