Wednesday, October 05, 2005

September Has Gone

We started September at the cabin...

Brian, Wendy, Evan, and Maya came for Labor Day Weekend.
Fishing, building sandcastles, and an afternoon at Itasca State Park were the highlights. The weekend ended with all of us packing up and taking the long way back to Duluth, stopping for lunch at Poncho & Lefty's in Brainerd.

My birthday gift from B,W,E,&M is a class that Wendy and I are taking together at Yarn Harbor where we are learning to make a Christmas sock. By making this sock we are learning how to knit in color patterns or Fair Isle knitting. This photo shows my start. That is a row of snowmen in the section I'm currently working on. There are only three sessions, but they are quite spread out, so we will finish this project at the end of October. Knitting with more than one color is fun and interesting to do.

While in Duluth we were able to see soccer games for both Evan and Maya and we attended 'Breakfast and a Book' with Maya at her school. I went through piles of old photos and slides in order to separate a bunch for Adam.
We've spent more time away from the cabin than we expected to, but have thereby been able to get ready for the wedding. After Labor Day the weather was wonderful -- an especially nice September.

Glenn has enjoyed showing his car and won a couple of nice awards. Ask him about them when you see him. You may want to get a tee-shirt from Gordy's in Cloquet next summer because his car will be featured on them.

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