Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cross Reference: Remedy For Sadness

“The remedy for sadness is prayer. But as sadness broods in selfishness and is inclined to rest rather in our own unhappy thoughts than on God, the soul turns to prayer with reluctance. Hence the saddened one must first turn to God by vocal prayer, persevering in which, that reluctance will be overcome; and as the sadness subsides, the spirit will enter anew into the heart of prayer. The second remedy against sadness is generosity. For the malady consists in morbid concentration upon oneself and a brooding within one’s self that repels sympathy and kindness as being adverse to this melancholy mood, a mood that can only be cherished in isolation of the spirit. But let the will make a little effort to be kind and considerate toward another and it is amazing how soon that malignant charm is broken that held the soul spellbound to her saddened thoughts and imaginary grievances. A smile, a kind look, a few gentle words, a considerate action, though begun with effort, will suffice to open the soul and set the spirit free from it’s delusion.”

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Wendy said...

Thank you for that. Very timely for me personally, like a little note from God.