Saturday, February 11, 2012

May Each Day of Your Week be a Good Day.

In the middle of the night I woke up with an old song going through my head.  I hadn't heard it in years so it took me quite awhile to think how I knew it and as some of the lyrics formed in my mind the calming words became a prayer in my heart.  I wished that I could look directly in the eyes of each person I would ever meet or interact with and silently carry this thought for them. (i.e. what I was able to remember of it; to find the complete lyrics I had to do an internet search)  The song is a prayer or benediction and I eventually remembered that I had heard it repeatedly on "The Andy Williams Show" when I was growing up.  How different television was back then.  Variety shows were popular and we watched his show regularly.  This was (and perhaps still is) his closing song and these are the lyrics:

"May Each Day"

May each day in the week be a good day
May the Lord always watch over you
And may all of your hopes turn to wishes
And may all of your wishes come true

May each day in the month be a good day
May you make friends with each one you meet
And may all of your daydreams be mem'ries
And may all of your mem'ries be sweet

The weeks turn to months
And the months into years
There'll be sadness and joy
There'll be laughter and tears
But one thing I pray to heaven above
May each of your days be a day full of love

May each day in the year be a good day
May each dawn find you happy and gay
And may all of your days be as lovely
As the one you shared with me today

May each day of your life be a good day
And good night.

This is one of many YouTube videos of Andy Williams singing it:

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