Monday, July 19, 2010

Vacation Time @ Grandma's

E - Kayaking
M - Swimming
My grandchildren each had their private week of vacation with me this summer in July.  There was plenty of "lake time" – mostly swimming, but also kayaking and fishing.
When E. was here we golfed twice and shared one meal out at the Dorset House (great evening buffet) with CC.
CC & E - Dorset House
During M’s week here our meal “out” was at Schwartzwald’s and she managed to eat two of those giant pancakes!  Prior to that we had been at Itasca State Park where we hiked to the Old Timer’s Cabin and down on another little path near Peace Pipe Vista.  She swam for about an hour at the beach and then we biked the short distance to the headwaters before leaving the park.  This visit was also M’s first time ever to try golfing.  It was a challenge, but she got the hang of it and hit her best shots on the 9th  (final) hole.
Peace Pipe Vista
E. graduated to bigger clubs this year (thank you, Jeff) and did well with them.  Fishing was a prime part of his week’s agenda and we had a delicious meal of fresh sunfish that he cleaned and I cooked.  Mmm… couldn't ask for anything better. ☼

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