Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Fish House

When we built a garage, the Petersons adopted the shed.
The neighbors re-sided their shed this year and I just had to take these photos - evidence that (a long time ago) it had been our ice fishing house.  It brings back happy memories of winter evenings and weekends out on Prior Lake.  If you 'click' on the photos so that they enlarge you can see more clearly Glenn's writing on the outside.  When we bought our lake place we brought it up here to use as a shed.  It had fishing holes in each corner that we had to seal up and I think we added a small window in the back to let some light in.  We then sided it with used lumber to match our old cabin.  (A labor intensive enterprise.)  It was a good shed, but it had been a deluxe fishing shack.
Our early 1980's ice fishing house.
Inside was a little pot belly stove to keep us warm which we also used to cook super fresh fish fillets.  The kids would ice skate or play around outside when bored with fishing. Our faithful springer spaniel, Jessie, found her own entertainment.  It took us awhile to realize she was making the rounds to other ice fishing shacks stealing and eating the fish people had tossed out their doors to freeze.  Fortunately we stopped her life of crime before she got caught and thereafter kept her tied up, but there were, no doubt, several fishermen wondering what happened to the fish they had planned to take home.

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